Stop Freezing.

Your hot water isn’t working. It’s making you suffer through icy cold showers. You can end that today by calling us on 0484 083 066.

Hot Water Replacement, Repair, and Upgrades

Hot water can account for up to 25% of your home or businesses energy bill. Most people haven’t had their system serviced or replaced in years, meaning they’re heating up water inefficiently and losing money in the process.

To get the right hot water system for you installed you need a professional plumbing service that assess your needs, not someone that will install an off the shelf system, or just duct tape your old system together.

O’Callaghan Plumbing is that service. We help people by: 

  • Arriving on time.
  • Asking you what your needs are.
  • Assessing your existing system.
  • Discussing with you your options.
  • Sticking to the quote.
  • Installing a system that suits you.
  • Teaching you how to prevent the problem in the future.

We don’t install off the shelf hot water systems, we install hot water systems designed to fully suit your needs. So if you’re ready to stop losing money, contact us for a free quote and we’ll help you.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas is almost always cheaper than pure electrical systems, so people everywhere in Adelaide are upgrading to gas hot water.

We can help you upgrade too. Whether you’re after instant or storage hot water we can help you save money by upgrading to gas.

Cut down on those power bills, get a gas hot water system by contacting us on 0484 083 066.

No Wasting Time, No Wasting Water

When your hot water system breaks you’ll want to know when it can get replaced and how soon. 

Waiting around for a plumber to show up isn’t an option. You need someone to show up when they say they will. Which is why we arrive on time, every time. With O’Callaghan Plumbing you won’t get a phone call saying your issue won’t get attended to until tomorrow. 

You’ll always be kept in the loop with your job, and you’ll always know exactly what we know about the issue.

We’re a professional plumbing and gas fitting service that fixes the problem when you expect it.

Hot Water System Solutions

You’ll know when your hot water is on the way out. One moment you’re enjoying a hot shower, the next you’re shocked awake by icy water. Or you’ll find a growing puddle of water around your system. 

So what do you do?

You need a professional plumbing service to assess, fix or replace the system. 

O’Callaghan Plumbing is that service. We help people who need a proper plumbing and hot water solution. You can rely on us to completely assess your home and system to find the solution that best suits your needs. 

Contact us now for a free quote, or call us on number 0484 083 066.​​​​​​​ 

    Have a hot shower today.

    We exist to provide the professional service you should expect from your tradesmen. We don’t leave you waiting around for us, we don’t charge you more than you expect. 

    For a friendly professional service that gets you back to enjoying your showers call us on 0484 083 066​​​​​​​​​​​​​

      Solutions, Not Duct Tape

      We don’t just replace your hot water system. We assess your needs, taking into consideration the appliances you use, how many people live in your home and how much water you use.


      Because all hot water systems are different, and not going through this process will mean you lose thousands of dollars over the life of your system. Not having hot water is a problem, but so is paying thousands of dollars more than you need because no one took your needs into account.

      We’ll provide the complete solution to your problem. Not just duct tape it up. 

        We Can Help You 

        Here’s our guarantee: You won’t wait around for us. Your quote is your price. You’ll know everything about your problem. Your problem gets solved.

        We can guarantee this because we’re not just plumbers and gas fitters, we’re a professional plumbing and gas fitting service.

        Here are other areas we can help you with: